What Can You Expect From This Blog?

So here you are, at the blog of me, John Kiernan.  I’ve never really done blog posts on previous website iterations.  If I’m being honest (which I tend to be too much of), I wanted to have a place outside of YouTube and Instagram to post random album and gear reviews, as well as random teaching and music theory ramblings I come up with.  An active mind is a terrible thing to waste (well, maybe not if you’re fantasizing about becoming newlyweds with your pencil), so this’ll be a “live” journal if you will.  Should I list things you’ll find here?  Sure, why not?

• Honest reviews of albums I’ve been listening to, past and present (believe it or not, there’s good music that came out a while ago!);
• Honest reviews of cool gear that I’ve tried out (reference the above statement of past and present);
• Music theory ideas, concepts, the “industry” and general thoughts;
• Maybe some fun licks, tips and tricks I learn from my music teaching time;
• …other things?

I’ll also be leaving this open for comments, so feel free to leave your thoughts if you’re so inclined (provided I can figure out how to get comments working on here).

Hope you enjoy the inner workings of my mind.  We’ll see how this goes. 😉