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Are you a wrestler who’s looking for a custom theme song?  Do you have to not use your theme in video packages and YouTube clips due to copyright?  Set yourself apart from the rest with your own custom theme music. 

Check Out The Following Playlist For Current Themes

John Kiernan has written themes for
Fred Rosser • PJ Black • Brian Myers • Chris Dickinson • Mil Muertes • Kikyo “The Fallen Flower”
Chris Cannon • Dani Jordyn (AEW Theme) • Christina Marie • Persia Pierce • The Snake Pit • Rich Maxwell
The Carver Of Cutter’s Alley • Aiden Knight • The StepDads • Adan Reyes (Princess Deathwish) • JaCub Soumis
Masha Slamovich • Johnny Moran • The Midnight Heat • Four Minutes Of Heat • Jaiden Morales • Bad Dude Tito
The Notorious Mimi • Dan Joseph • The Division • Rico De La Vega • Lilith Grimm • BHK Kevin Martenson
Shane Taylor • House Of Heathens (Deimos and Teal Piper) • Malcolm Phlex • Bruce Rogers • Travis Huckabee
Matthew Shaw • The Zebra Talk Podcast • Ray Rosas • Movement Championship Wrestling
Championship Wrestling From Hollywood • PrimeTime Live • Kody Murray • Vinny Cenzo • Jerry Swirlz
Channing Thomas • Mr. Impressive • AAPW

John’s themes have been used in a variety of promotions including
All Elite Wrestling (AEW) • New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) • Ring Of Honor • Impact Wrestling
Major League Wrestling (MLW) • Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)Atomic Revolutionary Wrestling (ARW) • 321 Battle DEFY Wrestling • PPW (Pennsylvania Pro Wrestling) • Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport • DOA Wrestling
…and more!

John has also wrote and recorded cover versions of wrestler’s entrance themes.  Check out these cover themes on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify and all other digital outlets.


Want to have a custom theme written for you that you can use anywhere, anytime?  Shoot over an email to johnkiernanmusic@gmail.com or fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you within 24-48 hours.