Sands (Theme From The Video Game “Leaves”) Initial Thoughts

This piece means a whole hell of a lot to me.

A few years ago I approached a game developer named Simona based in Italy. She was working on a game called “Sleepwalker” and I was grateful to create music for that game with may buddy Mike. While that game is on hold, Simona reached out to me to create music for her new upcoming project, “Leaves”. The piece involves two instruments only: violin and piano. In the construction of this piece, we discussed creating a piece that was melancholy, sad, and pensive.

As composers, we have traditional troupes that we start with for these types of prompts. While Simona enjoyed the initial ideas, even the most minor of sounds sounded “happy” to her ears…so back to the drawing board.
She then bought a new term to the table: isolated. A simple additional term. The feeling of alone. Alone can be a myriad of emotional contexts. Not all time alone is tragic, not all is reflective, not all is peaceful.

What did that mean for me in the context of this piece here? Strip away. Less notes, perhaps? A shorter piece with a cyclical nature? The ability to dive deeper by expression of less being more.
The point is this: while this is one of many pieces for “Leaves”, this theme goes to task, simply, to illustrate a simple notion: the hunger of a pensive soul is not always assuaged by more, but sometimes by a simple truth (I say this while writing a diatribe about the piece).

Enjoy “Leaves”. Let it leave you with the same as it leaves me. Here’s to more in 2020.


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